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At Rat Expert Solutions, we believe there is a better way to deal with uninvited guests. A more humane and less invasive way, where the animals are removed from the properties and the customers are happy about not only the outcome but the whole process. 

Rat Expert Solutions will resolve these animal damage problems quickly and effectively, while maintaining a humane stance on wildlife treatment. Our extensive expertise allowed us to earn the title of Wildlife Professional. Wildlife control is not easy - it requires a great deal of knowledge and skill than many other service fields. It requires special training, licensing, and insurance. It can often be dangerous or dirty, but it's also often very rewarding to the people who have chosen to undertake a career in this field.


Experience counts, as does a strong work ethic and sense of fairness and honesty. At Rat Expert Solutions it is our mission to bringing quality and affordable service to the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We pride ourselves with offering the best service and advice for each individual situation. Wether it be Rats on your attic, Raccoons on your backyard, Opossums roaming freely along with Moles, Snakes, Bats, Birds and many more... We are just a phone call away.


Our Rat Control Specialists are just a phone call away!

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