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Nuisance wildlife control and wild animal management is a specialty line of work, unlike traditional pest control, which typically implies insect control. Nuisance animal trappers deal strictly with mammals and reptiles. There's a big difference between simply spraying a lawn with poison to kill the ants and actually solving a problem with a large animal, such as a raccoon in an attic.
Human-wildlife conflicts continue to grow as human populations grow and we spread out development into previously untouched wildlife habitat. Many wildlife species have gone into decline, but some have learned to adapt and even thrive in developed areas. Some animals simply survive better in urban habitats, such as rats and pigeons. Raccoons have learned that garbage cans, dumpsters, and pet dishes make easy sources of food. Squirrels know that buildings are better to live in than trees. When wild animals live in buildings they can destroy property (chewing on wires, etc), make noise (which keeps people awake at night) and cause biohazard and health risks from waste.

Our Services Include

~ Nuisance animal removal
~ Rodent Control 
~ Animal Exclusion
~ Attic clean-ups and restoration
~ Insulation replacement & dead animal removal
~ Termite home fumigation (“tenting”)

If you have unwanted "guests" in your home, allow our licensed specialists to provide FAST and  EFFECTIVE rodent control.  

Common Nuisance Wildlife Problems Include:

  • -How to get raccoons out of an attic. Raccoon Trapping

  • -How to remove a snake from a house. Snake Trapping

  • -Attic & Crawl Space insulation needs replaced from wildlife damage. Insulation Replacement

  • -Remove animal feces from an attic. Animal Waste Cleanup

  • -How to get rid of rats. Rat Trapping

  • -How to get opossums out of a crawl space or attic. Opossum Trapping

  • -How to get ride of mice. Mouse Trapping

  • -How to get rid of foxes. Fox trapping

  • -Get Bats out of a roof. Bat Trapping


Our Rodent Control Specialists are just a phone call away!

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